By signing at the bottom of the page you agree to the following terms and conditions: SYSPORT SAGL (from now on the ORGANIZER) organize the Barça Academy Camp (from now on CAMP) described at and through other information tools. The following terms and conditions apply to the CAMP and its program as indicated on the reservation and payment form. PARTICIPANT means both the child participating in the CAMP and the parent/guardian authorized to represent him/her according to the law and the following Agreement.

The ORGANIZER, with the following contract and on the basis of the participation fee paid, agrees to provide the following services pertaining to the reserved CAMP (as indicated in Article 3), on the basis of the program described in the specific sections of the website, with specific rererence to format “SMART CAMP”, “DAY CAMP”, “RESIDENTIAL CAMP”..

To book your place at the CAMP (registration ) it is required to (in the following order): filling in the registration form containing the data and information of the PARTICIPANT, filling in the questionnaire for any special dietary need and particular medical conditions of the PARTICIPANT, filling in the registration form containing the data and information from the parent/guardian, signing this participation agreement, signing the agreement for the treatment of personal data, paying fully the participation fee (unless otherwise communicated by the ORGANIZER). Membership is personal and cannot be transferred, services will only be provided to the person registered. All prices are given in CHF. The ORGANIZER is responsible and obligated to the costs, services and goods specified in the reservation and in the program; any additional cost and / or service, directly and / or indirectly connected to the CAMP, will be at the PARTICIPANT’s exclusive right and responsibility, if not provided by the program or by this agreement at the expense of the organizer. The PARTICIPANT agrees the sending and transmission by the ORGANISER, of the invoice for the services purchased online (in this case through the email address provided while registering).

The PARTICIPANT intending to cancel his/her reservation must inform the ORGANIZER via e-mail to or via courier or post to the following address: SSPORT SAGL Via Sceresa, 6 A – Centro Meta – 6805 Mezzovico – Vira , Switzerland. If the cancellation request is provided to the ORGANIZER later than 30 days before the start of the CAMP, the PARTICIPANT will not be entitled to any refund of the participation fee paid. If the request for cancellation is received earlier than 30 days before the start of the CAMP, the ORGANIZER will only deduct the sum of CHF 160,00 as compensation and reimbursement for the costs of registration, services already in place and partially executed and one-time cancellation. In the event that the PARTICIPANT does not show up at the CAMP or is late for any reason, no refund will be entitled, neither full nor partial. In any case, if the withdrawal is made ​​within 48 hours from registration and payment, the amount will be refunded in full; in this case, the withdrawal must be expressed exclusively by e-mail to

The ORGANIZER, with all the given conditions, has the faculty to cancel any CAMP if they consider the number of participants for a specific CAMP is insufficient for the camp to be held, following specific Barça Escola requests.
The ORGANIZER will make any economically sustainable effort to follow the program as described; nonetheless, PARTICIPANTS are informed that the final program can be subject to changes following unpredictable factors beyond the ORGANIZER’s control.
The ORGANIZER can, at their own discretion, provide subsitute services or equally valuable goods. In the event of CAMP cancellation, the ORGANIZER’s responsibility is limited exclusively to the full refund of the participation fee: the ORGANIZER will not be held responsible for any other expenses sustained by the PARTICIPANT, directly or indirectly linked to the cancellation, as well as damages, refunds of any kind in respect of loss, delays, inconveniences, disappointment, connected to such circumstance. Camp cancellation will be communicated via email and the entire sum will be refunded within the following seven working days in the payment method indicated by the PARTICIPANT.

By signing the following agreement, the PARTICIPANT declares and certifies that they do not suffer from any medical condition or disability which may cause danger to them or to other CAMP participants. The PARTICIPANT, should he be aware of such condition, commits to immediately inform the ORGANIZER via e-mail to of any condition requiring medical attention or a special allocation during the CAMP. In which case, the ORGANIZER will make every possible effort, in accordance with all CAMP hosting facility characteristics, but cannot guarantee the possibility to host a PARTICIPANT suffering from such condition.

By signing the following agreement, the PARTICIPANT acknowledges that playing or practising football is a potentially dangerous activity. The PARTICIPANT accepts that they are signing up for CAMP voluntarily, accepting all risks connected to taking part in those activities, not only falls, contacts, collisions with other participants, but also effects of weather, such as heat, rain, humidity, as well as practice fields and structures: all these risks are understood and taken into account by the PARTICIPANT or by whom holds parental responsibility or tutelage. After reading this quitclaim and acknowledging these possibilities, and in consideration of the acceptance of this agreement, the ORGANIZER and their representatives, agents, officers, or anyone working under the ORGANIZER’s name, are not responsible for any damage (lesion, injury, illness, etc.) deriving from participation to the activities held during CAMP.

The ORGANIZER, as FCB Escola official licensee, is obliged to supply only the services explicitly indicated by this contract and is therefore responsible exclusively for the services and goods (related to the CAMP indicated in the booking form) as indicated in Article 2, in the related described ways. Any other activity and service not explicitly indicated in the contract dependent on the ORGANIZER is considered excluded. The ORGANIZER does not take any responsibility for personal injury, damage to personal goods or other losses, accidents, delays, inconveniences or anomalies which may occur due to any action or omission of any supplier, or due to any other question beyond control, including delays or cancellations in the transport used to reach the CAMP destination. The ORGANIZER is not responsible for the loss or theft of objects left by the PARTICIPANT, supervised or unsupervised, within structure/s hosting the CAMP and/or during all activities.

During the CAMP discipline is required by the PARTICIPANT. The PARTICIPANT must be under the ORGANIZER’s employees custody at the beginning of the day and taken back at the end of the day: PARTICIPANT will not be held in trust of any subject other than parents/tutors without a written communication with personal details of the subject authorised. The ORGANIZER’s representatives are the only subjects authorized to monitor and ensure discipline is respected. Each PARTICIPANT must follow indications given by representatives.
Following, some indications as an example: wearing the official kit clothing during training, always staying with other people from the group during the stay in the hosting structure, not using the equipment in ways other than those instructed, not provoking dangerous situations for themselves and others, not taking out of the hosting locations any object or equipment belonging to the sports center or the ORGANIZER, not bothering other participants or sporting center clients with unsuitable behaviour, following all safety and hygiene rules (shower is compulsory after every training session), not taking (even when off) mobile phones within the sporting center.
PARTICIPANT is responsible for every damage directly or indirectly caused to the structure and equipment, to other clients/participants, as well as for damage caused to other people. The ORGANIZER has the faculty, at their incontestable decision, to interrupt, temporarily or definitely, participation to CAMP following unsuitable behaviour.
Unsuitability for CAMP can include, without any limit, any behaviour which is unsuitable or offensive or interferes with services and activities during CAMP, or may be dangerous or embarassing. In case of explusion from CAMP, PARTICIPANT has no right to either full or total refund of the registration fee.

Parents, friends, acquaintances may view training sessions in dedicated areas agreed with the hosting structure, without interfering in the program and its related activities (for example, shower, Spanish lessons), always keeping a suitable behaviour, without inciting, shouting, distracting, influencing trainees. The ORGANIZER has the faculty, at their incontestable decision, to expel from the facilities those without a suitable behaviour. Access to reserved areas does not give right to free access to other available CAMP services, such as pools, wellness areas, etc., whose fruition must be agreed directly with the hosting structure manager.

Being the PARTICIPANT a minor, by signing the following agreement the parent/tutor authorizes PARTICIPANT to take part in educational and recreational excursions which may be out of the CAMP hosting structure, as well as allowing the PARTICIPANT to travel by bus or other transport arranged by the ORGANIZER and/or by service providers (Local Council, Hotel, Travel Agency, etc.), for any necessity and activity organised during the CAMP (example: shuttle buses from hotel to training field, excursions, etc.).

In carrying out the activities planned during the CAMP and the International Tournament “Barça Academy World Cup”, the ORGANIZER (SYSPORT and FC BARCELONA for International Tournament) will take pictures and / or video footage of participants in the CAMP and in the International Tournament. With the signing of this agreement, the parent / guardian agrees that these photographs and / or video footage can be used by the ORGANIZER for promotional, informational and commercial purposes and that he/she (the parent/guardian) will not require any fees, commissions or royalties for such a license. At the end of the week, the ORGANIZER will realize DVDs with photos and videos of the Camp and of the Tournament that will possibly be purchased only by those who participated in the camp and in the tournament and only for personal purposes; DVDs will be subject to flat-rate that will be decided and communicated by the organizer. It is expressly excluded the possibility to purchase the DVDs for commercial purposes.

In the event that the parent / guardian enrolls to the CAMP two or more children he/she is entitled to represent, the effects of the acceptance of this agreement are valid for each PARTICIPANT enrolled.

Any changes or additions to this contract may take effect and can be proven only with a written document.

By signing the participation agreement, the parent / guardian having received complete information, consent and authorize the ORGANIZER (SYSPORT SAGL), the controller of personal data pursuant to Federal Law on data protections (LPD) of 19 june 1992 (Stato 1° january 2014) and subsequent amendments, to the processing of personal data and those of the PARTICIPANTS attending the CAMP, in order to receive information regarding the activities, promotions, business proposals and news concerning the CAMP and other activities carried out by the organizer.
Data will be treated mainly through information technology.
Those who may become aware of such data are managers or agents, employees and / or collaborators of the ORGANIZER, whose right to access such information is recognized by law as well as by a functional/management need for both the ORGANIZER and the PARTECIPANT. Data will not be spread outside the cases described above.
At any time the parent / guardian may exercise his/her right against the holder of the processing (of personal data).

You confirm that you have read the participation agreement and the related contractual settlement that is approved in its entirety.